Animated Videos Are Easy To Understand

It’s really easy to explain complicated content with animations in a brief, informative way. It usually only needs 45-90 seconds!

Explainer Videos Are Effective

Video content is way more likely to be shared, liked and interacted with than with plain, boring text. It therefore spreads more rapidly throughout the World Wide Web.

Explainers Are Flexible

Whether it’s on your own website, Facebook, YouTube, fairs, presentations, in cinema or TV ‚Äď you can reach your audience on every channel.

Animated Videos Are Fun To Watch

Get your viewers hooked with charming, witty animated Explainer Videos, and gain maximum attention for you and your product.

And here’s how it works:

1. Initial Idea

We listen carefully and work with you to find the best way to display your ideas. During this stage we develop a storyboard and script and are always just a radio message away.

2. Countdown

Your video is created following these blueprints. Prior to the launch we can make any important alterations and add finishing ‚Äď we strive for excellence, and 100% customer satisfaction! Just a couple of days later your video is ready to‚Ķ

3. Launch

… blast off into orbit: send your new video round your company, the globe, the stratosphere!